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Cordero to Lions coach: pick your words wisely

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Cordero to Lions coach: pick your words wisely

Post by ramieljosh18 on Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:52 am

MAPUA assistant coach Ed Cordero on Thursday stood behind head coach Atoy Co in the face of accusations from San Beda coach Boyet Fernandez that the Cardinals tried to deliberately hurt the Red Lions during their NCAA men’s basketball game on Monday.

Fernandez made the accusation after the Lions’ 78-53 win over the Cardinals at The Arena. While he did not name names during his post-game interview, Fernandez implied someone other than Co instructed the Cardinals to intentionally hurt the three-time reigning champions.

Cordero denied the claims, saying he “holds the San Beda community in high esteem and the players with fondness,” having been part of the Lions’ coaching staff for five years as an assistant coach during the time of Frankie Lim and Ronnie Magsanoc.

Cordero is one of two former San Beda deputies who hold the same position now with the Cardinals, the other being Bonnie Garcia.

“I categorically state the statement against the Mapua Cardinals and the insinuation of coach Boyet Fernandez that the other coaches gave instructions or go-signal to intentionally hurt or injure the Red Lions is not true,” the former PBA player told

“I will not spend time and effort to scheme such an evil plot and corrupt the decent players of the Mapua Cardinals into carrying out the same,” he added. “Just the thought of it sends shivers down the spine.”

Cordero hopes Fernandez would choose his words wisely next time.

“To the San Beda community, I will always have a high regard for you. And to coach Boyet Fernandez, I hope that next time, you practice a sense of responsibility in the pronouncements you make.”


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